OSClass Mobile Phone Verification Plugin

Mobile Number Verification Plugin allows you to verify user's mobile number before they can post ads or register on the website. This is very helpful feature to avoid User SPAM & Ad SPAM.

Plugin comes four popular SMS service providers, and you just need to update service provider details with your account details.


Default SMS Service Providers

  1. Twilio (https://www.twilio.com/)
  2. Plivo (https://www.plivo.com/)
  3. Bulletin (https://www.bulletin.net/)
  4. BudgetSMS (http://www.budgetsms.net/)
  5. More coming soon as needed by users

Plugin also allows you to add any other service provider of your choice by making minimal changes in your code.


You can easily choose when to show Mobile verification screen to user.

Plugin have options to show SMS verification screen before "Posting ads" or "After Registration".

Future Updates / New Features

  • You will receive all future updates and new enhancements to the plugin for FREE. The price of Plugin may change in future to support its development however if you purchase it now, you do not have to pay anything extra for Life.
  • We will be adding more SMS Providers to the plugin as we receive requests for same.



  • We will help you in setting up and configuring the plugin on your website in case you are not able to configure it.
  • If you want to add a new Provider of your choice, please share details with us and we will help you integrate that.
  • Please write to us on info@cityit.in with your queries / concerns and new feature requests.

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